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Ep.084 -- Jeff Harris -- College, Career, & Future Readiness w/ the President & Co-Founder of Xello

January 31, 2022 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 84
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.084 -- Jeff Harris -- College, Career, & Future Readiness w/ the President & Co-Founder of Xello
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.084 features Jeff Harris, President and Co-Founder of Xello, discussing college and career planning, supporting students' long-term goals, and the concept (and reality) of "future ready" students.  Jeff and host Ryan Tibbens discuss their own experiences with past versions of "career planning," why talking about and structuring long-term planning is more important than ever, and how services like Xello can serve students without over-burdening teachers and counselors. This discussion goes beyond shallow platitudes about being "future ready" and digs into how local communities and students' experiences shape their goals and options, how classical/liberal/traditional schools may need college and career planning services even more than public and STEM schools, and even how school divisions go about testing and adopting cutting edge edtech like Xello. If you are a counselor, special education transition teacher, career/technical education teacher, parent, or community member concerned about how we're preparing students for their lives beyond high school, this episode is a must-listen. You can learn more about Jeff Harris and Xello at and through their social media accounts, including on Twitter and YouTube.

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-8:33 -- Intro to Xello, Jeff Harris, & Helping Students Find Their Futures
  2. 8:33-16:11 -- Purpose & Relevance: Student Engagement in Edtech & Career Planning *
  3. 16:11-24:35 -- Who Is Involved in Most Edtech Adoptions? 
  4. 24:35-26:50 -- How to Implement Xello
  5. 26:50-34:57 -- The Role of College/Career Readiness in Private & Public Schools *
  6. 34:57-39:30 -- The Purpose of School According to Jeff Harris
  7. 39:30-45:07 -- The Dangers of College/Career Advising & Advice **
  8. 45:07-55:04 -- Jeff Harris, the Student Who Needed & Created College/Career Planning **
  9. 55:04-1:07:16 -- Jeff's Ideal School & the Meaning of "Future Ready" *
  10. 1:07:16-1:19:24 -- Final Wrap-Up & Jeff's Book/Movie Recs

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