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Ep.083 -- Jessica Kirkland -- Keeping It Real with Your Favorite Teacher on Twitter

January 05, 2022 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 83
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.083 -- Jessica Kirkland -- Keeping It Real with Your Favorite Teacher on Twitter
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.083 features Jessica Kirkland, a high school English teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia (and Twitter superstar), talking shop and exchanging ideas about improving schools, building relationships, navigating the pandemic, and much more with host Ryan Tibbens. In this laidback, funny, yet insightful discussion, you'll hear Jess proclaim that she's "pro-nonsense," share her strategies for connecting with students, divulge her secret wish to indoctrinate students (with a love for trees), and much more. Part of what makes this discussion so refreshing is that Jess has nothing to promote, nothing to sell. She has amassed over 11,000 Twitter followers in around three years just by being honest, thoughtful, and likeable -- and it all shines through in this discussion. Whether you're looking for honest perspectives on the current state of schools, a funny conversation between coworkers, or ideas about how to scale your social media presence (Jess says, "All of my demons are in the drafts"), you will love this episode.

You can learn more about Jess and follow her on Twitter @JKirk___ (three underscores, LOL).

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-5:00 -- Intro to Jessica Kirkland (& Her Twitter Fame)
  2. 5:00-14:20 -- Relationships & the Purpose of School According to Jess **
  3. 14:20-20:13 -- Finding Our Places during the Pandemic * 
  4. 20:13-27:08 -- Are Schools Still in Panic Mode?
  5. 27:08-34:57 -- Forging Relationships through Masks & Screens **
  6. 34:57-41:15 -- Jess Kirkland's Experience as a Student
  7. 41:15-46:44 -- Should Teachers Love Their Students?
  8. 46:44-54:33 -- Does Teaching Diverse Students Require Diverse Personas? *
  9. 54:33-1:07:59 -- Jess's Ideal School: Specialization & Interdisciplinary Studies **
  10. 1:07:59-1:15:29 -- Is Change Impossible in Public Education? *
  11. 1:15:29-1:22:16 -- Jess's Outlook for 2022
  12. 1:22:16-1:36:31 -- Jess's Final Thoughts, Book/Movie Recs, & Wrap-Up *

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