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Ep.078 -- Kohila Sivas -- MathCodes: Coaching, Tutoring, & Serving Students

October 11, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 1 Episode 78
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.078 -- Kohila Sivas -- MathCodes: Coaching, Tutoring, & Serving Students
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.078 features Kohila Sivas, the founder and lead coach at MathCodes, an innovative program designed to help students build their math skills, personal confidence, and executive functions. Kohila's amazing work builds on the idea that most students need more than just content help, so adults must be more than just tutors or teachers; instead, Kohila recommends serving as a "coach," one who works with the student, on the same team, to achieve mutual goals. In addition to her 22+ years in private tutoring and coaching, Kohila has worked as an advocate, teacher's assistant, teacher, and parent. Recently, she launched the MathCodes Certified Coach program to help other tutors and teachers around the world to better serve their students by demystifying math and helping the whole student. She's also the author of the upcoming book Escape the Tutoring Trap: Be an Agent of Change.  If you are a tutor or teacher looking for some great ideas about serving all students or improving your practices, or if you are a parent interested in tutoring and coaching support (from Sivas, host Ryan Tibbens, or elsewhere), this episode is rich in great ideas and sound advice.

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-9:03 -- Intro to Kohila Sivas & MathCodes
  2. 9:03-14:23 -- Are You a "Math Person"? (They Don't Exist.) *
  3. 14:23-22:30 -- The Importance of Purpose & the Purpose of Education According to Kohila 
  4. 22:30-37:30 -- Kohila's Ideal School: Universal IEPs, Coaches, & Serving Individual Students **
  5. 37:30-47:42 -- "Learning Loss," the Pandemic Tutoring Boom, & MathCodes Certification *
  6. 47:42-56:15 -- The Power of Confidence in Education
  7. 56:15-1:03:43 -- Kohila's Education & Preparation for Teaching & Coaching
  8. 1:03:43-1:07:47 -- How Schools Limit Teacher Creativity & Enthusiasm *
  9. 1:07:47-1:17:49 -- For Parents: Homework Help vs Tutoring vs Coaching **
  10. 1:17:49-1:25:20 -- Kohila's Book/Movie Recs. & Wrap-Up​ 

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