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Ep.076 -- Simon Tang -- Student, Semi-Staffer, School Critic, Sailor

September 12, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 76
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.076 -- Simon Tang -- Student, Semi-Staffer, School Critic, Sailor
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.076 features Simon Tang, a former student of host Ryan Tibbens, sharing his thoughts on school improvement, student choice, dual enrollment programs, post-high school plans, Dick Wolf TV shows, and much, much more. Throughout his public school career, Simon distinguished himself from most students by serving as a technology support specialist/paraprofessional in the school, forming close bonds with faculty members, challenging the status quo, earning top grades and thousands of dollars in scholarships, and wearing a totally awesome pocket protector. Simon shares his student (and semi-staff) views on school improvement, joining the US Navy, and how COVID affected his education, post-high school plans, and personal outlook. If you're interested in serious student perspectives, challenges to tradition, or people with the quirks and confidence to change the world, don't miss Episode 076 and Mr. Simon Tang!

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-11:03 -- Meet Simon Tang *
  2. 11:03-17:00 -- Dual Enrollment, Rigorous Classes, & Scholarships **
  3. 17:00-25:58 -- Simon'ns Start in the United States Navy
  4. 25:58-30:02 -- The Purpose of School: Indoctrination or Self-Improvement? **
  5. 30:02-35:13 -- I.T., Specialization, & Access to Education
  6. 35:13-39:22 -- What's the Deal with Textbooks?
  7. 39:22-53:50 -- The Importance of Student Choice & Engagement *
  8. 53:50-58:01 -- The GED, Graduation, and Opportunity
  9. 58:01-1:12:00 -- Simon's Ideal School: Choice & Specialization **
  10. 1:12:00-1:17:00 -- Would You Send Your Kids to These Schools?
  11. 1:17:00-1:27:24 -- Standardized Testing, Project-Based Learning, & Power Skills **
  12. 1:27:24-1:32:00 -- Hot Topics, Hot Seat
  13. 1:32:00-1:52:32 -- Simon's Book, Movie, & TV Recommendations; Final Thoughts; & Wrap-Up 

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