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Ep.075 -- The Cookout (Cary Vipond & Kevin Cook) -- Anti-racism, CRT, and "The Conversation"

August 30, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 3 Episode 75
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.075 -- The Cookout (Cary Vipond & Kevin Cook) -- Anti-racism, CRT, and "The Conversation"
Show Notes

Classcast Podcast Ep.075 features Cary Vipond and Kevin Cook, members of "The Cookout," a discussion group focusing on race relations and making positive change in the Loudoun County, Virginia community. Along with host Ryan Tibbens, they discuss the recent debates (and hysteria?) over critical race theory, equity training for school staff, anti-racism, and politics in public schools. Given Fox News' new obsession with Loudoun County Public Schools as well as the parent and political groups seeking to influence them, Cary, Kevin, and Ryan agreed it was time for reasonable people with first-hand experience in these schools and communities to have a reasonable discussion.

Cary Vipond, a long-time history and social science teacher, football coach, and father, launched "The Cookout" in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder.  He assembled a group of Black and white men, including community leaders, entrepreneurs, clergy, teachers, and students, to share perspectives and ideas, first to help one another understand the racial dynamics at play in the country, and then to take actions to improve local government, business, and schools for Black people. ClassCast Podcast host Ryan Tibbens was invited by Cary to join the group when it was formed. Kevin Cook, a certified project manager, coach, and father, joined the group soon afterward and has been a thoughtful, vocal participant in the group's efforts. Camryn Thompson (Ep.031) has also participated in The Cookout. 

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-7:57 -- The Cookout & Local Efforts Against Racism
  2. 7:57-9:55 -- Educate Ignorance; Punish Malice *
  3. 9:55-26:36 -- Shifting Mindsets & Community Reactions to Anti-Racist Teaching **
  4. 26:36-34:00 --Kevin's Experiences as a Black Father
  5. 34:00-48:04 -- Race, Anti-racism, & "CRT" in the Classroom **
  6. 48:04-54:21 -- Why We Must Have Tough Conversations
  7. 54:21-59:18 -- Race Education: Completing the Thought *
  8. 59:18-1:06:40 -- Seeking (& Silencing) Black Perspectives
  9. 1:06:40-1:12:17 -- The Intersection of Mental Health, Racism, & Politics *
  10. 1:12:17-1:20:25 -- What Can Schools Do to End Racsim?
  11. 1:20:25-1:31:09 -- Final Wrap Up & Book Recommendations

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