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Ep.064 -- Tibbens -- Thoughts on School Choice (Mini-Series Wrap-Up)

April 19, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 64
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.064 -- Tibbens -- Thoughts on School Choice (Mini-Series Wrap-Up)
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.064 features host Ryan Tibbens sharing his thoughts on school choice while concluding a five episode mini-series on school choice. After engaging, informative discussions with Citizen Stewart (pro-school choice), Jennifer Berkshire (pro-public school), Neal McCluskey (pro-school choice, and Jon Hale (pro-public school), Tibbens tries to connect the dots, share the learning, and make meaningful predictions about the future of school in the United States. Over half the episode focuses on the positive aspects of school choice -- freedom, specialization, individuality, and more -- but in the final 20 minutes, Tibbens explores the potential problems, including decreased community control, monopolies, reduced quality, and -- most importantly -- the abolition of publicly funded education. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-public schools, this episode includes a synthesis of ideas that is sure to make you second guess your biases. 

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Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-4:32 -- Intro & Recap of School Choice Mini-Series
  2. 4:32-9:51 -- Previous Connections to School Choice
  3. 9:51-15:18 -- Is "Choice" Good? *
  4. 15:18-24:26 -- Choice, M4A, Specializing, & Informing Parents *
  5. 24:26-33:16 -- Racism & School Choice
  6. 33:16-47:04 -- Tibbens' Problems with School Choice **
  7. 47:04-54:04 -- The Best Path Forward: Choice and the Public System **
  8. 54:04-56:58 -- Final Thoughts/Wrap-Up

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