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Ep.061 -- Jennifer Berkshire -- The False Promises of School Choice (School Choice Mini-Series Pt.2)

March 29, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 61
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.061 -- Jennifer Berkshire -- The False Promises of School Choice (School Choice Mini-Series Pt.2)
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.061 features Jennifer Berkshire, an education journalist, podcaster, and co-author of a great new book about school choice,  A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door. She and host Ryan Tibbens discuss school choice, racial and economic inequality, the politics behind the choice movement, and problems that school choice is likely to cause. Throughout the discussion, Jennifer shares her own experience being bused across town to a public school, her concerns about how school choice may exacerbate current inequalities, and even asks a few questions of the host.  This is the second installment of the ClassCast Podcast School Choice Mini-Series; you can listen to the first episode with Citizen Stewart here and watch for additional episodes coming soon.

You can learn more about Jennifer and work by following her on Twitter, listening to the Have You Heard? Podcast, or visiting the website for A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door.

Upcoming ClassCast Podcast episodes will feature public school advocates, school choice advocates, and the kind of thoughtful discourse that should inform our national conversation as well as individual listeners' opinions on school choice, public schools, funding, equity, justice, and opportunity. Let us know what you think about each part of this series and how you feel about school choice. 

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Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-2:14 -- (Check it out!)
  2. 2:14-10:16 -- Introduction to Jennifer Berkshire & Her School Experiences
  3. 10:16-17:59 -- Can Schools Fix Social Inequality & Meritocracy? *
  4. 17:59-25:00 -- Reagan's Politics, Education History, & School Choice
  5. 25:00-32:10 -- School Choice, Taxes, & "Poisoning the Well"
  6. 32:10-35:01 -- The Purpose of School According to Jennifer
  7. 35:01-40:49 -- Standardize Testing, School Choice, & Inequity *
  8. 40:49-50:06 -- School Choice, Race, & Economics *
  9. 50:06-59:25 -- Is Choice within the Public System Possible? *
  10. 59:25-1:01:54 -- Jennifer's Ideal School
  11. 1:01:54-1:04:57 -- Jennifer's Book & Movie Recommendations

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