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Ep.055 -- Clement Townsend -- Helping Students Tell Their Stories through Video Production

February 07, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 55
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.055 -- Clement Townsend -- Helping Students Tell Their Stories through Video Production
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.055 features Clement Townsend, the owner/operator of Broadcasting Career Mentor and Clement shares his views on improving education through project-based learning (PBL), particularly in regard to teaching students how to plan, write, record, and edit video projects that amplify their voices, build foundational academic skills, and prepare them for 21st century jobs. Prior to launching his own education company, Clement Townsend was a popular and successful sports journalist who broadcast in Texas, Alabama, Virginia, and Chicago, Illinois. Clement covered the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, and several NCAA football national championship games. Now, he dedicates himself to empowering young people by teaching them the skills he's learned, by making their learning authentic and applicable, and by improving education through innovation and industry-expertise. Clement's enthusiasm is infectious, and if you have interests in PBL, media, or transitioning students from media consumers to media producers, this episode is for you.

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Table of Contents

  1. 0:00-12:53 -- Intro to Clement Townsend & His Educational Journey
  2. 12:53-23:04 -- Launching Broadcasting Career Mentor & Video Journalism Pro*
  3. 23:04-37:46 -- Serving the Youth: Modern "Essays," Media Education, & More**
  4. 37:46-44:26 -- Opportunities for Collaboration & Quick Practice
  5. 44:26-50:43 -- Pandemic Pivots: Teaching Media Production Online
  6. 50:43-56:04 -- Clement's Ideal School*
  7. 56:04-1:00:37 -- Music, Art... Why Not Media?: Expanding Media Production in Schools*
  8. 1:00:37-1:05:32 -- Clement's Book Recs & Final Wrap-Up
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