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Ep.056 -- Rachelle Dene Poth -- Virtual Reality in Schools & Evolving Education

February 14, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 56
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.056 -- Rachelle Dene Poth -- Virtual Reality in Schools & Evolving Education
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.056 features teacher, innovator, author, lawyer, and speaker Rachelle Dene Poth discussing virtual reality and augmented reality in the classroom, accessing VR hardware for students, and preparing students and teachers alike for the technology of tomorrow. After speaking with Taylor Freeman, an AR/VR industry leader and Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, in ClassCast Podcast Ep.046, host Ryan Tibbens made exploration of VR in education a top priority for future podcasts. Crowdsourcing ideas for future interviews led to Rachelle, a talented foreign language and STEAM teacher who has presented at ISTE, ASCD, and professional development events and conferences across the country. In this episode, Rachelle describes her amateur beginnings in the AR/VR space, how she gradually incorporated the technology into her STEAM and foreign language classes, and offers ideas to help other teachers access the technology for their students. If you are interested in AR/VR, or if you are a teacher or parent who wants to bring learning to life for your students, check out this discussion with Rachelle Dene Poth (and then listen to Ep.046 with Taylor Freeman)!

You can keep up with Rachelle at and follow her on Twitter @rdene915.  Her books -- In Other Words: Quotes That Push Our Thinking, The Future Is Now: Looking Back to Move Ahead, Unconventional: Ways to Thrive in EDU, Chart a New Course: A Guide to Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow's World, and True Story: Lessons That One Kid Taught Us -- are available on, her website, and many education booksellers.

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Table of Contents (Highlight clips*)

  1. 3:19-8:40 -- Intro to Rachelle Dene Poth & Her Work with Virtual Reality/Augment Reality
  2. 8:40-17:49 -- AR/VR Equipment in the Classroom *
  3. 21:08-23:01 -- What VR Has in Store for Us **
  4. 23:01-27:48 -- Why Isn't EdTech More Kid Friendly?
  5. 27:48-38:37 -- Rachelle's Education & 9,000 Degrees
  6. 38:37-45:39 -- Rachelle's Ideal School **
  7. 45:39-53:42 -- Rachelle's Education Books & Being an Author
  8. 53:42-55:42 -- Rachelle's Book/Movie Recs.
  9. 55:42-56:58 -- Final Wrap-Up & Contact Info 

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