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Ep.060 -- Citizen Stewart -- School Choice & Educational Opportunity (School Choice Mini-Series Pt.1)

March 21, 2021 Ryan Tibbens Season 2 Episode 60
ClassCast Podcast
Ep.060 -- Citizen Stewart -- School Choice & Educational Opportunity (School Choice Mini-Series Pt.1)
Show Notes

ClassCast Podcast Ep.060 features Chris "Citizen" Stewart discussing school choice, educational opportunity, dismantling oppressive systems, and empowering individuals with host Ryan Tibbens. Citizen Stewart is CEO of the Brightbeam Network, founder of Citizen.Education, host of the UnPublic Podcast, co-host of the 8 Black Hands Podcast, a former school board member, father of five, and school choice advocate.  In this episode, we discuss the value of choice, the significance of freedom for all citizens, why school choice appeals to many poor and minority families, and how great education should be tailored to individuals rather than aggregates. Stewart shares observations on school consolidation, economies of scale, parenting, and why school choice might be the future of education in America.

Approach this episode with an open mind, curious intellect, and vision for what schools should be. If that "should be" is different from what currently exists, then various school choice models could be the path forward. On the other hand, a move to nationwide school choice could undermine our participation in local communities, dedication to serve others, and our long-term dedication to funding education for all students.

You can learn more about Citizen Stewart at @citizenstewart on Twitter, @citizenstewart on Instagram, and @iamcitizenstewart on Facebook.  You can also see his advocacy at Brightbeam Network and Citizen.Education

Upcoming ClassCast Podcast episodes will feature public school advocates, choice advocates, and the kind of discourse that should inform our national conversation as well as individual listeners' opinions on school choice, public schools, funding, equity, justice, and opportunity. Let us know what you think about each part of this series and how you feel about school choice. 

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Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-7:53 -- Intro to Citizen Stewart & Teacher Quality
  2. 7:53-10:32 -- The Purpose of Education According to Citizen Stewart
  3. 10:32-17:00 -- Parents' Responsibilities in Education *
  4. 17:00-29:04 -- Can School Choice Become a Reality? **
  5. 29:04-35:00 -- Equity, Funding & Other Elements of School Choice
  6. 35:00-42:04 -- School Consolidation, Cultural Conformity, & Civic Education *
  7. 42:04-48:13 -- Citizen Stewart's Ideal School *
  8. 48:13-53:08 -- Citizen's Own School Experiences
  9. 53:08-1:01:16 -- Race & Educational Opportunity
  10. 1:01:16-1:07:55 -- Citizen Stewart's Entry to School Policy *
  11. 1:07:55-1:14:29 -- Final Comments; Book/Movie Recommendations; Contact Info

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